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Living with chronic neck and back pain can keep you from experiencing life with the boldness and ease you desire. Most of our patients at Laser Spine Institute have endured chronic neck and back pain for several years, leaving them hopeless and exhausted. We often hear stories from our patients about daily activities or hobbies that they can no longer do because of the local and radiating pain caused by common spinal conditions.

At California Back and Pain Specialists, we understand that chronic neck and back pain lessens your quality of life. Our goal is to help our patients find relief from this pain and recapture their lives.

Often, patients try several forms of pain management before coming to CALBPS. We believe in the value of educating our patients about the different pain management options available so you can make the best decision for your needs. Should you have any questions along the way, we welcome you to reach out to us so we can help you walk through the pain management process.

Understand Your Pain

The first — and most important — part of the pain management process is to understand your pain. At CALBPS, we are firm believers in educating our patients. If you know the anatomical reason for your chronic neck or back pain, you can find a solution to help alleviate that pain. Developing an understanding of the reason for your pain can ease any fear and uncertainty surrounding your discomfort. A careful assessment from your physician may reveal the primary source of pain to be localized to a particular body part with an injury or disease. There are several common spinal conditions that might cause localized pain in the neck or back or radiating pain in the arms or legs. Once you identify the source of your pain, you can start finding pain management solutions to help you regain your normal lifestyle.

We recommend that you schedule an appointment with your general physician to discuss any developing or chronic neck or back pain. If you have already obtained an MRI of your spine, we invite you to give us a call to discuss whether or not you are a candidate for our minimally invasive spine surgery.

Medical Pain Management Methods

If your level of pain begins to affect your quality of life and work, and you are not finding lasting relief from conservative treatment, you should consider the use of medication to help relieve your symptoms. There are several options for medicinal pain management, ranging from daily medications to monthly injections. If you currently take narcotics for your neck or back pain, please be advised that the continual use of narcotics can create additional long-term problems and should be reserved for patients with a clear indication and need, based on medical analysis of your pain and regular review by your physician.

Some common medicinal treatment options for neck and back pain include:

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Consult your general physician before beginning any medicinal pain management for neck or back pain.

Conservative Pain Management Methods

If you find that you have acute pain caused by a spinal condition, you should seek out conservative methods of pain management to see if you can alleviate your symptoms naturally. Conservative pain management is considered to be any nonsurgical treatment for your neck or back pain. Because these treatments are natural forms of pain management, the risk is low.

Some common conservative pain management methods to treat neck and back pain include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Yoga
  • Physical therapy
  • Home exercises
  • Acupuncture
  • Neck and back massage

Low grade pain that does not affect quality of life may be easily managed with conservative treatments. However, if neck and back pain still persist after a series of conservative treatments, you should talk to your doctor about exploring other options for pain management.

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