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At California Back and Pain Specialists, the satisfaction of our patients is the direct result of unparalleled professional care that our clinic has to offer. In operation for over a decade, our clinic has the long-standing background experience and widely-encompassing physician expertise necessary to address each and every patient’s unique concern. We focus on modern, innovative, and tested and proven pain management techniques that are minimally invasive, yet provide maximum results and relief of pain.

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State-Of-The-Art Facilities

When Dr. Singh first opened his clinic in the city of West Hills, California, his dedication to an individualized approach and commitment to compassionate care attracted many patients that left his office feeling satisfied and content after their treatment. Now, having designed and remodeled a brand new clinic in the city of Van Nuys, California, Dr. Singh went to great lengths to ensure that his new office matched and fully attended to his passion for excellent patient care. Through direct input in devising the layout of his clinic and choosing the right apparatus for California Back and Pain Specialists, Dr. Singh designed an office that provides his patients with nothing less than state-of-the-art equipment and treatment options that match his modern ideals for maximum results. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff enhance and complete each patient’s visit to our clinic from start to finish.

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Comprehensive Treatment Plans

At California Back and Pain Specialists, we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth, comprehensive, and effective pain management treatment experience. We take great pride and responsibility in making sure that each patient’s decision to entrust us with their medical care is met by exceeding expectations and addressing every concern and question that our patients may have. Our patients are at the heart of our clinic, and our dedication to excellent individualized patient care distinguishes us from many other pain management clinics.

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